Peach Slenite Candle Holder
Peach Selenite Candle Holder
Peach Selenite Candle Holder - Keja Designs Jewelry

Peach Selenite Candle Holder

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White Selenite Healing Crystals Candle Holder 

* Selenite Rough
* Approximately 2lbs
* Measures approximately 6” in diameter
* tea light candle included (standard size)

Getting its name from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, Selenite has properties that make it truly unique for spiritual and metaphysical purposes. It is related to peace, purity, and higher consciousness.

Selenite is a gypsum crystal that comes in many forms and most people associate Selenite with its translucent, shimmery, luminous form known as satin spar.

It is used for good luck and protection of the house and is considered to be one of the must-have crystals in the house. A high vibration stone, it is believed to energetically purify and cleanse the air where it is placed.  Its purifying properties are just as useful with clearing the old energy from your room, or even yourself. They help to bring clarity to the mind and encourage you to find a deep peace within. They’re renowned for being excellent stones for spiritual work, particularly meditation and reiki healing.

*Used for purification
*Cleanses the chakras & the aura
*Enriches the dream state
*Facilitates spiritual growth and
*Helps channel universal
  source energy for healing
*Promotes a good night's sleep
*Encourages new friendships
*Promotes love and empathy
*Eases mental or emotional shock
*Clears the mind before meditation
*Enhances your ability to follow
  your spiritual path
*Promotes peace and harmony
*Clears mental clutter
*Enhances self confidence
*Helps in decision making

****Note: These are raw stones that have imperfections and their own personality. Each stone and/or candle holder has its own unique look created by nature. 

***DISCLAIMER: This information is NOT intended to be a substitute, for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.

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