Cross Pattee'

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This pure silver “Cross Pattee’” is heralded from classic design common in crowns of the royalty, and many crowns worn by monarchs have jeweled cross pattee’ patterns in the band. The cross pattee’ is particularly associated with crowns in Christian countries and Queen Elizabeth’s crown has a cross pattee’ which contains the famed Koh-i-nor diamond.  While enjoying the pomp and ceremony of  royalty in medieval England, and romancing the time of castles and kings, the design for the 2 sided Cross Pattee’ was birthed.  A popular symbol among royalty, this particular version of the cross pattee’ also represents the common man of the era.  Brightly polished to reflective chrome sheen on one side, the cross reflects the image of anyone you may encounter, hence, the common man.  The other side of the cross has a bright polished beginingless and endless wave pattern sweeping transversely and through the cross representing the never-ending influence of the monarchy.  Approximately 1 ½” diameter.  Cord not included.