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Gibeon Meteorite, Shungite & Turquoise Sterling Silver Size 7 ring.

* Shungite, Gibeon Meteorite & Turquoise Ring
* Size 7
* 7.5 g total weight
* Set in SOLID .925 Sterling Silver & Bronze
* Stamped .925
* Measures approximately 1" in diameter

This amazing ring boasts a Gibeon Meteorite, Rough Shungite and blue Arizona Turquoise bezel set in simple Sterling Silver.  The combination of the stones is unique and creates an interesting conversation piece.

Gibeon Meteorite was discovered in 1836 in Namibia, Africa.  It comes from broken asteroid fragments or an exploded star  dating places the age at around 4 billion years old.  They are composed of iron, nickel and small amounts of cobalt.  Lines and patterns on the Meteorite are the result of cooling in outer space over billions of years.
Shungite is an ancient rock formation, a natural mineral of unusual composition and structure. It has unique properties and is extracted in Karelia near the small settlement called Shunga. Hence the name Shungite. From the old times, the local residents have been aware of shungite's mysterious "great power" or black "slate stone"(as it was known in the old days), similar to coal and healing many illnesses and purifying water in the area.

Shungite receives its healing power from one of its elements, fullerenes – a globular hollow molecule consisting of several dozens of carbon atoms. When fullerenes, a special molecular formation, were discovered in shungite a few decades ago, it became a sensation. Fullerenes, getting in our body, behave as the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals. Today, doctors have great hopes for fullerenes.

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