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Kingman Dahlia Turquoise Sterling Silver Marquise Ring

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Kingman Dahlia Turquoise set in solid Sterling Silver artisan crafted size 7 1/2 Ring.

* Kingman Dahlia Turquoise Ring
* Size 7 1/2
* 4.9 g total weight 
* Set in SOLID .925 Sterling Silver 
* Stamped .925 
* Measures approximately 3/8” x 3/4”

Beautiful colors of the rainbow Blue, Purple, Orange & Pink Turquoise combined in one stone to create a stunning rainbow stone.  The marquise shaped stone is bezel set in a simple textured Sterling Silver setting. This dynamic ring is bright and goes with almost anything!! 

Kingman Turquoise from Arizona is the rarest Turquoise on the planet. The Kingman mine was closed for many years and only recently re-opened in limited production runs since 2004. 

When you wear natural turquoise you feel stabilized and strengthened, able to live and speak from your authentic heart center of power and form. The Hopi, Lakota, and Navajo all view turquoise as a talisman of wealth and prosperity. And in Native American tribes it is carried during vision questing to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit during spiritual exploration. Turquoise heals the body on both the material (physical) and etheric planes, protecting your energy while it works to improve circulation of both blood and energy.

Comes in a gift box, perfect for gift giving!

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