Pure Silver Disk - Full Circle - Pendant

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The .999 Pure Silver Full Circle Pendant symbolizes many things, connectedness, wholeness, eternity and unity.  The circle finds representation in many cultures and was a symbol of the cosmos - noting the intangible procession of time to the Celtics. 

The 2” diameter pendant epitomizes infinity as it is without beginning or end.  It continues round and round without conclusion.  Reflecting our concept of the universe, circles represent a boundary inside which everything in existence is contained, thus whole and complete reminding us we are given all that we need.  All points in a circle wrap around and eventually reconnect, just as lovers or a family hope to always be connected.  And finally, the circle denotes unity, making one unit out of two or more people.  Thus, the Full Circle Pendant embodies everlasting love.  Shown with a 100” stainless steel oval link chain worn doubled, for a dramatic long look, sold separately.


Comes in a box, perfect for gift giving!


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