Staurolite "Fairy Cross" Sterling Silver Ring

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Amazing Staurolite "Fairy Cross" set in solid Sterling Silver artisan crafted size 8 ring.

* Genuine Staurolite "Fairy Cross" Ring
* Size 8
* 7 g total weight
* Set in SOLID .925 Sterling Silver
* Stamped .925
* Measures approximately 5/8" x 3/4"

This stone is a type of staurolite twins... similar to St. Andrew's Cross or an X, two crystals grow together with a 60° angle. The name is derived from the Greek Stauros , meaning 'cross'. Well-formed crystals are commonly twinned, crossing at 90 or 60 degree angles.

The twin crystals found on staurolite are sometimes referred to as 'Fairy crosses' - as it was once believed to be created by the tears of fairies whom could not help but cry when they heard of Christ's crucifixion.

Comes in a gift box, perfect for gift giving!

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