About Us

A Denver native with a background in Interior Design and Architecture, I have turned my design eye to jewelry making.   A passion that began early on when I would "rock hound" with my father who was a geologist, gathering various rocks and gems from our mountains right here in Colorado. Now  I create sterling silver, copper and bronze gemstone jewelry.  I have been designing and handcrafting .999 Silver and Sterling Silver jewelry for over 15 years.  When precious metals became so expensive, I looked for an alternative and incorporated copper and bronze into my designs in an effort to keep my prices reasonable.  It has now become my style and the "tri" or "two tone" jewelry has become the "look" of Keja Designs.  I try and keep a fresh "boho" look in my designs along with versatility.  Many pieces are adjustable or can be worn more than one way. My love of gemstones comes naturally and I often put  rough cut stones in many pieces lending itself to a natural and unique look.  Jewelry is a very personal thing; whether it is a gift for someone else or the stone or design is speaking to you it should be something that brings a positive vibe to your day or evening.  When I make a piece of jewelry.....I know it for someone who will love it, I just don't know who that person is yet.  I love selling it at shows because I get to meet the person I made the jewelry for.