About Us

After they decided to sell a successful business in the printing industry of 12 years, Karen and Jeff Anderson decided to follow a longstanding passion of Karen’s. Always creative, with a background in architecture and a degree in interior design, she needed to find an outlet in which to express herself.  So, they decided together that her passion for jewelry, gemstones and color was the perfect creative outlet.The Anderson's created the company known as Keja, llc.
Karen followed her creative passion and began designing jewelry and became a Certified Precious Metal Clay artisan along with metal smithing and other various jewelry making techniques. Her work integrates her lifelong interest in design, attraction to beautiful stones, exceptional use of color, as well as her attention to fine detail that she developed during her career in the graphics and printing industry. The pieces she designs are based on her beliefs, her travels, love of nature and animals, her architectural background and love for laughter. “My journey has taken me many places and has brought me to a destination where I can express myself in something I am passionate about. There’s a story or message behind a lot of jewelry I make, creating a beautiful memory or message for you to wear and remember. I like both refined and raw jewelry.  The raw look is always interesting and shows that it has been hand made.  However, the refined look that is hand made, is so difficult and shows a high level of artistry in the craft."
Please browse our site and as you do, we feel you will get to know us, as the items we sell are all a reflection of us. It is our hope that by wearing some of the pieces, we make you feel more confident and reveal your inner beauty as well as remind you of something that you are passionate about.