Holiday Order & Shipping 2020

We ship USPS to both domestic and International. Please keep in mind the following shipping schedule when placing your order in order to receive by Christmas.

Domestic Shipping

                             Basic Shipping           Priority Shipping           Express Shipping

Lower 48 States   order by 12/17            order by 12/18               order by 12/22

                             to ship by 12/18         to ship by 12/19             to ship by 12/23

Alaska                  order by 12/17           order by 12/18               order by 12/20      

                             to ship by 12/18        to ship by 12/19             to ship by 12/21

Hawaii                  order by 12/14           order by 12/14               order by 12/20      

                             to ship by 12/15        to ship by 12/15             to ship by 12/21


Most Countries    order by 12/6             to ship by 12/13            n/a

                            to ship by 12/7           to ship by 12/14