Colombianite Sterling Silver Pendant - Keja Designs Jewelry
Colombianite Sterling Silver Pendant - Keja Designs Jewelry

Colombianite Sterling Silver Pendant

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Colombianite Sterling Silver Pendant.

* Colombianite Pendant
* 8.2 g total weight
* Set in SOLID .925 Sterling Silver 
* Stamped .925
* Measures approximately 3/4” x 1 3/4” including bail

This amazing pendant boasts an enormous rough Colombianite stone Sterling Silver bezel set encircling the stone near it's crown.  A simple Sterling Silver arch design holds the Colombianite and creates a simple open feel. The Colombianite itself is a spectacular organic nugget. If you like Moldavite, you'll love this Colombianite! 

Colombianite is the sacred Stone of the Muisca Indians, one of several Colombian Indian tribes. It’s also known as “Piedra Rayo,” which means “Lightning Stone.” There are two theories about how Colombianite was formed. The first theory is that they were created when a large meteorite hit the Earth’s surface and vaporized the rocks in the area. The second theory is that they were formed by a volcanic eruption that hurled molten rock into the atmosphere, which then cooled and fell back to Earth as glass (tektite). Due to that, Colombianite is also named “the lightning stone”. It was discovered on Native Colombian land in the Valle de Cauca by the Native Indians. Colombianite usually forms in different shapes of irregular seaglass-like pieces. It's appearance is similar to that of Moldavite with less green and more brown hues.

 Colombianite is said to have a number of different metaphysical properties. These include a direct link to the sacred and Divine origins. It’s used by Colombian shamans to speak with the unknown,  higher beings and with otherworldly beings. If you’re looking to communicate with spirits, Colombianite can be a helpful stone. It’s said to open up the channels of communication and allow for a flow of information between you and the spirit world.

Comes on a free chain and in a gift box, perfect for gift giving!

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